i ♥ the Oxford English Dictionary

24 Mar

yay- good news for all typography and language lovers.

the venerable Oxford English Dictionary has just published its latest quarterly update, revising more than 1,900 entries and adding new words, and in the process introducing the ubiquitous as a usable term in contemporary english speak.

it’s encouraging to see ‘the ultimate guardian of modern English’ embracing typography, and by extension, the much maligned ‘teen text-speak’.

now, don’t get me wrong, i appreciate fully constructed sentences and proper spelling, and hold in particular abhorrence the excesses of numbers penetrating writing (particular pet hates being ‘l8r’ or the phonetic albeit sparse ‘c u’).

that being said, i quite like making up my own words and dispensing with capital letters.

but the OED has to be celebrated as one of the most flexible, street-wise compilers of contemporary language.

other jewels in the revision include initialisms such as OMG, LOL, that darling of the british tabloid – the WAG, and other new words and expressions like land down under, party-crashing, la-la land, and my personal favourite- happy camper.


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