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secret london gardens

7 Jun

this is the weekend to get lost in the myriad beautiful secret gardens of london with open squares. a 7.5 pounds ticket buys you access into dalston’s eastern curve, chelsea’s physics garden, the geffrye museum, or more surprisingly, a peek into the courtyard of her majesty’s wormwood scrubs prison.

a good excuse to get out and play


i want to ride my bycicle

4 Jun

this beautiful hollander baby is coming my way. i am dying to take it for a spin.

long live summer

join the london tweed run, chaps

6 Apr

hear hear ladies and gentlemen, the third annual london tweed run will take place this saturday april 9, when a congregation of stylish dandies, adventurous ladies and generally good-natured fellows will saunter through the streets of dear old blighty on their improbably beautiful bikes.

expect pashleys and tweed, moustaches and drop handlebars, fixies and braces, berets and pipes- an assorted amalgamation of thrill-seekers and beauty appreciators on wheels.

the cycle promenade will meander through london, taking in trafalgar square at around 1 pm, followed by regent street and the british museum, and flowing into old street at around four.

clothes-peddlers extraordinaires aubin & wills will provide light refreshments for tea, hopefully including treats in these prettily striped bags.

a trusty wooden steed

30 Mar

admire the beauty of this hand-painted faux-wood finish fixie bike on etsy.

but do not surrender to it lest you have a cool $3,000 burning a hole in your pocket. auch.

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