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animal kingdom – ben newman

30 Aug


enjoying the colourful lively designs of illustrator ben newman: from birds to animal masks and robots, he applies his geometric riot of colours to whole swathes of the earth- and beyond. catch his bird print at the upcoming ‘ghosts of gone birds‘ planned for november in liverpool.



secret london gardens

7 Jun

this is the weekend to get lost in the myriad beautiful secret gardens of london with open squares. a 7.5 pounds ticket buys you access into dalston’s eastern curve, chelsea’s physics garden, the geffrye museum, or more surprisingly, a peek into the courtyard of her majesty’s wormwood scrubs prison.

a good excuse to get out and play

fresh and wild – plates

16 May

spied on this beautiful new bone china bird-motif plate from anthropologie in g’s phone last night, and the blossoms stoneware serving platter below: with their fresh, springy feel they make my heart all aflutter.

now i just need a secluded spot with a  sweeping willow perching over a creek and a little picnic blanket. are you in?

bird city- eveline visser

29 Apr

sweet bird neighbourhood from netherlands-based designer eveline visser: a housing complex that caters for 33 chirpy species and looks like a snap-off, self-assembly plastic kit.

the cute feeder, which evokes the functionality of mass-produced toys and would be a most welcome addition to any park near me, was shown at this year’s milan furniture fair.

spotted via the guardian

look at the birdie

27 Jan

ok lladro. we forgive everything – the milkmaids in pastoral landscapes, the cherubs, the gondolas – the fear and anxiety of being gifted your ceramic chachka is now receding.

seeing the wee lovebirds in the mirror will make things good every morning, and these fellas on the wall warm the cockles of my heart.

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