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sitting in the clouds

21 Jun

your dreams of sitting in the clouds have finally been fulfilled by japanese studio¬†h220430’s¬†playful balloon bench.

the balloons anchored to either side of the plank conceal anchors that tie the bench very firmly to the roof. away you go.

spotted via dezeen


sitting on knitting

6 Mar

that sunday evening malaise was instantly improved by this bright-yellow knitted stool by textile designer claire-anne o’brien.

the talented east london-based designer has conferred on the stools the tactile familiarity of a dependable, go-to cardigan: a high-end chunky knit, perfect colour and pared-back wood detailing…

and how about the stitching detail in these two? hearting

via the april issue of living etc magazine

villa mueller- adolf loos’ clean lines

2 Mar

i am dreaming myself reclined on the blue armchair while clutching a g&t: there is some faint, non-obtrusive music in the background, and the mind feels clean amid the rich textures but clean lines of adolf loos’ recently-restored villa mueller in prague.

born in 1879, loos made a case for his then-pioneering pared-back architectural aesthetic in a paper entitled ‘ornament and crime’, and is now considered by many to be the intellectual genitor of le corbusier.

you can see more photos at london’s RIBA, where an exhibition and talks are taking place until may 3.


travelling without moving

9 Feb

hoarders go to great lengths to bring mementoes from travels back into their [tiny] abodes: vino, photos, ticket stumps, even ephemeral tans.

katie thompson reworks old suitcases into sweet little chairs so you can sit down and play globetrotting from the comfort of your own home.

voyage voyage.

octopus chair

3 Feb

the flamboyant side of my brain is very excited by maximo riera’s high-drama, eerily majestic octopus chair, part of his new animal series.

indulge your inner meanie.

chair folding pretty

1 Feb

my tiny studio’s heart is clamouring for the simple, practical beauty of binh dang’s folding wooden chair- via the chair blog.

father of the flat-pack

21 Jan

way before we started busing to the burbs to eat meatballs and divorce amid ikea displays, there was thonet. he tamed wood, gave it economic smooth curves and rational bolt use, gifting cafes throughout europe with these little beauties.

and for that, and this knotty re-work, we salute you.

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