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lighten up – plumen does the americas

12 May

plumen, the pretty eco design light you will know for being among the first designs marrying beauty and green awareness, is crossing the pond to the usa.

high five the guys on their good work and go pre-order at their shop


slave to work

1 May

happy may day, worker bees.

with a free day to rest before returning to the drudgery of modern-day office serfdom, here is a shout out to the everyday al-desko lunching hero.

available a few clicks away from your report, on amazon

al desko – a dandy desk suggestion

29 Mar

if like me you’re subject to the lunch-time tyranny of a pret sandwich and a little daydreaming while working through your break- yes, if you are an ‘al desko’ luncher- take a little moment to savour the beauty of this soane desk.

with its slender, foldable-looking legs, its leather top and battered steel drawers, doesn’t this desk make you want to pack up and go, setting off to wander the lands afar?

in the nicest possible way, it reminds me of the faux-safari hilarity of this mythical video-

but i love both the desk and the song nevertheless.

enjoy your lunch.

waiting for don draper

27 Jan

with its slender legs and two-tone wood work, this desk will help you while away until the next season of mad men. much like mr draper, this desk is not only a handsome rascal, but it will two-time as your little vanity.

time for a drink, then


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