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the lost art of the unicorn- frederique morrel

29 Nov

and  so here we are: waitrose has their ad out, littlewoods has their tat out, and marks and sparks has joined in with their own shit x-version: it must be christmas soon.

lookingfornicethings has been travelling and apologises for the lack of recent posts. but what better way to shed your autumnal skin and get into the merry mood than with french artist duo frederique morrel’s tapestry-covered, wintery taxidermy-like pieces.

a fantasy wonderland of knitted and patchworked awesomeness at its gayest, most festive self. the artifacts are on show at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery until dec. 7. go on, get merry.



animal kingdom – ben newman

30 Aug


enjoying the colourful lively designs of illustrator ben newman: from birds to animal masks and robots, he applies his geometric riot of colours to whole swathes of the earth- and beyond. catch his bird print at the upcoming ‘ghosts of gone birds‘ planned for november in liverpool.


la selva- carnovsky

16 Aug

dreaming of getting lost in these amazing wallpapers and prints by italy-based design duo carnovsky.

the intricate patterns reveal further depths depending on the colour prism under which you scrutinise- a bit of rgb detective work, and the perfect backdrop for a g&t and a chat.

a good excuse to go night-life hunting in shoreditch, if you ever needed one.

on show until september 21st at jaguarshoes.

folk logic – kyle zeto

16 Jul

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

more fun from freshfacedandwildeyed2011 with these ‘wilderness’ snaps from artist kyle zeto.

passing – ida arentoft

15 Jul

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wanted to wish you a happy friday with a few of these beautiful  landscape snaps from ida arentoft on show at the photographer’s gallery online graduate competition freshfacedandwildeyed2011.

irish summer colours – gerhard richter

4 Jul

just back from o&a’s lovely wedding in ireland: after poems, guinness and sea food, the fun also included a freezing group dip in the ocean.

the feeling of communion during the swim is neatly captured by this painting by german artist gerhard richter -the highlights of bathing costumes and pink limbs against the the steely ocean in a jolt of colours. vive l’amour!

i also love his photo paintings of pregnant clouds- enjoy the fresh air.


crystal cathedrals

17 Jun

inspired in gardener and architect joseph paxton’s magical crystal palace in london, the spaniards bought into the dream of glass cathedrals with their own creation 36 years later, coming up with these beautiful structure in el retiro park.

photographer fernando manso captures the quiet fairytale ethereal outlines of the palace reflected on the lake in a wintery foggy day.



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