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the lost art of the unicorn- frederique morrel

29 Nov

and  so here we are: waitrose has their ad out, littlewoods has their tat out, and marks and sparks has joined in with their own shit x-version: it must be christmas soon.

lookingfornicethings has been travelling and apologises for the lack of recent posts. but what better way to shed your autumnal skin and get into the merry mood than with french artist duo frederique morrel’s tapestry-covered, wintery taxidermy-like pieces.

a fantasy wonderland of knitted and patchworked awesomeness at its gayest, most festive self. the artifacts are on show at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery until dec. 7. go on, get merry.



to fly, to serve

11 Oct

i grew up by the time airline travel was inexorably way past its glamourous climax: bye bye groomed attendants, free drinks, sexy uniforms… hello strip-down security checks, exhaustive bag-weighing, extortionately expensive limp chicken sandwiches…

flying was never a more democratic and yet more alienating experience: even brandy has been stripped down of all historical privileges to be peddled in plastic sachets.

and so it is in these sappy fits of nostalgia for the mad men-inspired, foxier times of yore that british airways have resuscitated their old motto: to fly, to serve.

to which i, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, will gladly raise my glass.

i leave you with this luridly colourful william eggleston (‘glass on plaine’ untitled) print.



wallflowers- emma hack

6 Sep

australian artist emma hack cleverly blends models into the background with her mimetic body paint. i wish i had that magical power.

tropicalia – orlanda broom

18 Aug

love the colour explosions of london-based artist orlanda broom’s tropical landscapes: a romantic cacophony of wild colours and fecund shapes finished in a glasslike texture.

on show until the end of the month at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery

water colour

22 Jun

summer has gone missing here and i am wishing for liquid colours, golden light and sunfilled freshwater, all beautifully captured in u.s. photographer harper smith’s shot.

you can buy into the promise of summer with this limited-edition numbered digital print via etsy.

secret london gardens

7 Jun

this is the weekend to get lost in the myriad beautiful secret gardens of london with open squares. a 7.5 pounds ticket buys you access into dalston’s eastern curve, chelsea’s physics garden, the geffrye museum, or more surprisingly, a peek into the courtyard of her majesty’s wormwood scrubs prison.

a good excuse to get out and play

blingbling – green light

31 May

indulge your inner magpie with this giganormous emerald-green ‘nirvana’ swarovski ring.

yes, swarovski- you can sometimes really ace it.

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