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matthew day jackson – eat yourself

23 May

had a chance to go eat a piece of matthew day jackson at a party the other night. i also drank some white wine which hopefully has no bodily connection to the artist.

as part of his show in the london branch of hauser & wirth, the american artist was exhibiting two life-sized casts of himself manufactured in salty and sweet foodstuffs, the latter of which was offered to guests in a somewhat cannibalistic, maussian gifting act.

bon appetit


for bibliophiles

28 Apr

oh to be breaking fast on this table under this tree.

via the style files

cakes for japan- fundraising pop-up

15 Mar


fundraising efforts are springing up everywhere as the magnitude of the unfolding catastrophe in japan becomes clear.

if you’re in east london at the weekend, head to 118 shoreditch high street, where a pop-up themed-fundraiser called cakes for japan will be selling donated sweet treats.

the idea was sprogged by the cake genius at– fingers crossed for a brilliant turnout.

picture via cakerama

light of summer in a jar

15 Mar

i’m becoming a sucker for a sweet lamp- the soft twinkle of this upcycled glass jar chandelier spotted in etsy promises summer to this sunshine-starved, london-greyed brain.

the shop carries a few other sweet twists, like this lime-green plastic jello tupperware mould revisit. yay

take-away ceramics

8 Mar

a big pile of just-made pancakes would sit so pretty in any of these take-away tin containers reborn as ceramic plates from lorena barrezueta.

the brooklyn-based designer’s gourmet collection comes in white with a gold rim or in colours to match your toppings. yum.

fancy a cuppa?

23 Feb

this ‘crushed kindergarden-party plastic cup’ ceramic rework by rob brandt has been around the block for a while- but it makes me want it no less.

my brain fancies it, my cupboard wants it, my coffee is clamouring for it. just hoping my wallet will prioritise this soon.

little brussels jaunt

15 Feb

came across tom franzen’s peeing dog sculpture while out hunting for some sweet bruxellois grub+ drinks on friday.

the dog, named zinneke or ‘the mongrel’, is the canine comic-book equivalent of the tourist-revered mannekenpis, who stands perennially relieving himself just a few minutes away.

if you’re local, grab some food amid the bustle of ‘la fin du siecle’ on rue des chartreux, and match your drink with a cigar in the ever-so-slightly louche art deco atmosphere of ‘l’archiduc‘ in rue antoine dansaert.

photo via


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