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the lost art of the unicorn- frederique morrel

29 Nov

and  so here we are: waitrose has their ad out, littlewoods has their tat out, and marks and sparks has joined in with their own shit x-version: it must be christmas soon.

lookingfornicethings has been travelling and apologises for the lack of recent posts. but what better way to shed your autumnal skin and get into the merry mood than with french artist duo frederique morrel’s tapestry-covered, wintery taxidermy-like pieces.

a fantasy wonderland of knitted and patchworked awesomeness at its gayest, most festive self. the artifacts are on show at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery until dec. 7. go on, get merry.



stapled together

29 Jul

get your stuff together with italian designer paola navone’s amazing trompe-l’oeil staple crockery available here.

bon weekend

fresh and wild – plates

16 May

spied on this beautiful new bone china bird-motif plate from anthropologie in g’s phone last night, and the blossoms stoneware serving platter below: with their fresh, springy feel they make my heart all aflutter.

now i just need a secluded spot with a  sweeping willow perching over a creek and a little picnic blanket. are you in?

piping hot

4 May

hot hot looks for bisazza bagno from spanish designer jaime hayon.

via elle decor

penny saver- bringing home the bacon

3 May

the pain of saving could be significantly eased if the vessel, rather than your average insipid savings account, was one of these jonathan adler gorgeous platinum piggy banks.

if only it always rained pennies from heaven…

for bibliophiles

28 Apr

oh to be breaking fast on this table under this tree.

via the style files

follow the white rabbit

23 Apr

more easter cuteness with this white ceramic bunny lamp – from white rabbit.

enjoy the holiday

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