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crystal cathedrals

17 Jun

inspired in gardener and architect joseph paxton’s magical crystal palace in london, the spaniards bought into the dream of glass cathedrals with their own creation 36 years later, coming up with these beautiful structure in el retiro park.

photographer fernando manso captures the quiet fairytale ethereal outlines of the palace reflected on the lake in a wintery foggy day.




little glass boxes

6 Apr

hearting the curved shapes and simplicity of finnish designer anu penttinen’s bijou-sized jewel-coloured glass boxes: you can go all out in this season’s monotone or play permutations on the colours or the oak and aluminium bases.

daintily small, there was never such a pretty excuse for magpies to house all your keepsakes, jewellery or general special tchochka.

wouldn’t it be dandy if they came in bigger sizes?

light of summer in a jar

15 Mar

i’m becoming a sucker for a sweet lamp- the soft twinkle of this upcycled glass jar chandelier spotted in etsy promises summer to this sunshine-starved, london-greyed brain.

the shop carries a few other sweet twists, like this lime-green plastic jello tupperware mould revisit. yay

laboratory lamp

1 Mar

i could play chemistry labs under the soft glow of this vintage flask lamp for hours on end. or at least spend some time prolifically doodling on a notepad.

get your hands on it via lisbon-based anve. it ain’t cheap, but it sure is pretty.

spotted via remodelista.

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