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old new borrowed blue- wedding stories

4 May

london’s photographer’s gallery, together with art projects group magic me, are collecting old wedding photographs and stories from the world over under their new project ‘old new borrowed blue’.

choose your pictures and add your contributions on their page



27 Apr

{sorry, been on one… }

but forgot to take my pretty polaroid land camera with me, so dreaming of this one from etsy

my nothing box- courtesy of jen gotch

23 Mar

my brother s made me watch this video by comedian mark gungor carrying the typical men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus dichotomous narrative.

what grabbed me the most from the peroration was the notion that men had ‘nothing boxes’. well, my nothing box today comes courtesy of photographer jen gotch’s beautiful polaroid prints- an amazing window into a sunnier, simpler world than the artificial office-lighting my brain is currently wilting under.

i dont mean to say her polaroids are nothing, but that they take me into a better place of washed-out colours and little worry.
this ‘nothing’ moment for my brain, a small present to my visual self, is only getting pressed today after’s boo boo last night.

take some time to think nothing and jump into one of these photos today, and if you want to own one, check her shop.

have a good day

dream landscape

16 Feb

loving elise irving’s holga-shot dreamy landscapes- the colours in this one take me straight into childhood spring days.

the talented ms irving has a new site coming soon, but you can check her blog nebulous time, where this medium format colour slide and a few other awesome prints nest. she also has a bunch of new polaroids going up for sale here soon. dreamboat.

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