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the lost art of the unicorn- frederique morrel

29 Nov

and  so here we are: waitrose has their ad out, littlewoods has their tat out, and marks and sparks has joined in with their own shit x-version: it must be christmas soon.

lookingfornicethings has been travelling and apologises for the lack of recent posts. but what better way to shed your autumnal skin and get into the merry mood than with french artist duo frederique morrel’s tapestry-covered, wintery taxidermy-like pieces.

a fantasy wonderland of knitted and patchworked awesomeness at its gayest, most festive self. the artifacts are on show at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery until dec. 7. go on, get merry.



pull up to my bumper baby

27 May

grace jones just pulled up right into my life through this amazing silf scarf by cleo ferin bearing the words to my favourite tune of hers.

she always makes quite an arrival, good old grace.

beach weather

5 May

enjoying this trompe-l’oeil photograph for habitat’s summer campaign: bucketloads of tongue-in-cheek british metereological optimism coupled with a healthy serving of bold prints.

i’m in

flower pumps

14 Apr

they are back- and yes, i too heart all these new nike-liberty collaboration pumps.

how can one not swoon over the love child of liberty’s awesome historical print archive and the iconic trainer meisters?

available to drool over/buy here

kitschen – royal wedding paraphernalia

29 Mar

yes, ladies and gentlemen- i wasn’t looking for this, but it is there, being peddled in a corner near your home, your office, your children…

like a louche voyeur, i watch the procession of wedding tchotchka through slotted fingers then plan to flee in horror on the day itself.

no abbeys and hymns for me, thanks. so regale yourselves with a selection of the kitschiest, faux-tasteful and most tragic kitchen towels being wheeled out in memoriam.

the high-street stalwart of the ‘blonde-highlights-but-sensible’ brigade, john lewis, leads the pack with offers at six quid a pop, such as the embossed invitation suggestions above and and here, and this mock-tudor situation for a tenner below.

things take a turn for the worse here, where a fiver gets you a decidedly high-school, blue-and-red sketch with chummy pretensions calling out to ‘wills+kate xxx’-

or save yer fiver for this horror in sky-blue ‘colour-symphonies’ – [my flourish, couldn’t help it, i’m sure they were thinking it]

or this positively elegant situation

because the pressure now simply won’t let up, i feel certain there could be a few more round-ups ahead of the big day itself.

i implore you to nominate your favourites in the comment section below, who knows, you might just get a surprise in the post…



my nothing box- courtesy of jen gotch

23 Mar

my brother s made me watch this video by comedian mark gungor carrying the typical men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus dichotomous narrative.

what grabbed me the most from the peroration was the notion that men had ‘nothing boxes’. well, my nothing box today comes courtesy of photographer jen gotch’s beautiful polaroid prints- an amazing window into a sunnier, simpler world than the artificial office-lighting my brain is currently wilting under.

i dont mean to say her polaroids are nothing, but that they take me into a better place of washed-out colours and little worry.
this ‘nothing’ moment for my brain, a small present to my visual self, is only getting pressed today after’s boo boo last night.

take some time to think nothing and jump into one of these photos today, and if you want to own one, check her shop.

have a good day

toeing the line

9 Mar

this awesome little rug wouldn’t take it lying down- he would commandeer my tiny apartment into a sense of awesome order and perfection.

milan-based alberto artesani designed this in 2009 for nodus– you can imagine how his formal architectural training seeped into the idea of this rug.

it’s probably been blogged to death, but what can i do? i first saw this in an old issue of the trusty WoI and was instantly smitten by the squared paper thing- instant graphic love.


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