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healing oil – chloe dewe mathews

24 Oct

deep in the background of the viscous history of our black gold, on the agricultural planes of azerbaijan, nests naftalan: a village where oil is extricated from its tangled web of money and power, and refined and celebrated as a therapeutic cure for the body in an oxymoronic reversal.

commonly blamed for toxic emissions, rising cancer rates and countless wars, the azerbaijani crude’s tale of healing seems like either the product of a febrile PR mind or one of those extraordinarily improbable tales native to the former soviet union.

chloe dewe mathews‘ photograhic essay on this community’s relationship with oil – from natural remedy to newfound oligarchy money – has been awarded this year’s british journal of photography prize, and will be on show on london’s host gallery from november 22.


to fly, to serve

11 Oct

i grew up by the time airline travel was inexorably way past its glamourous climax: bye bye groomed attendants, free drinks, sexy uniforms… hello strip-down security checks, exhaustive bag-weighing, extortionately expensive limp chicken sandwiches…

flying was never a more democratic and yet more alienating experience: even brandy has been stripped down of all historical privileges to be peddled in plastic sachets.

and so it is in these sappy fits of nostalgia for the mad men-inspired, foxier times of yore that british airways have resuscitated their old motto: to fly, to serve.

to which i, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, will gladly raise my glass.

i leave you with this luridly colourful william eggleston (‘glass on plaine’ untitled) print.



tropicalia – orlanda broom

18 Aug

love the colour explosions of london-based artist orlanda broom’s tropical landscapes: a romantic cacophony of wild colours and fecund shapes finished in a glasslike texture.

on show until the end of the month at london’s stephanie hoppen gallery

field day fun

8 Aug

beautiful day @fielddaylondon on saturday: sun ra arkestraanna calvi, warpaint and wild beasts.

all topped off with great company, beers and even a go on the fairground ride.

party party




beautiful, dreamy ireland

9 Jul

lovely times at the beach in donegal after o&a’s wedding captured by ls lens. i want back

dog days – elliott erwitt

7 Jul

the trope of mutual resemblance between master and pet is wittily immortalised by magnum photographer elliott erwitt’s work on dogs and its owners.

the snaps place the same importance on man’s best friend as it does on its human counterpart, in a tender and humorous anthropomorphisation.

if you’re in germany you can check out some prints from his dog dogs collection of white and black photographs at bremen’s focke museum until october


irish summer colours – gerhard richter

4 Jul

just back from o&a’s lovely wedding in ireland: after poems, guinness and sea food, the fun also included a freezing group dip in the ocean.

the feeling of communion during the swim is neatly captured by this painting by german artist gerhard richter -the highlights of bathing costumes and pink limbs against the the steely ocean in a jolt of colours. vive l’amour!

i also love his photo paintings of pregnant clouds- enjoy the fresh air.


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