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beautiful, dreamy ireland

9 Jul

lovely times at the beach in donegal after o&a’s wedding captured by ls lens. i want back


irish summer colours – gerhard richter

4 Jul

just back from o&a’s lovely wedding in ireland: after poems, guinness and sea food, the fun also included a freezing group dip in the ocean.

the feeling of communion during the swim is neatly captured by this painting by german artist gerhard richter -the highlights of bathing costumes and pink limbs against the the steely ocean in a jolt of colours. vive l’amour!

i also love his photo paintings of pregnant clouds- enjoy the fresh air.


school children- bruce davidson

6 May

wanted to wave goodbye to the working week with this snap – ‘school children in palermo, sicily 1961’ – from gifted american photojournalist bruce davidson.

some of his work, including this ‘wedding procession in agrigento, sicily 1961’ below, is showing at the chris beetles gallery in london until the 28th of this month.

take your camera out for a spin this weekend and have some fun

old new borrowed blue- wedding stories

4 May

london’s photographer’s gallery, together with art projects group magic me, are collecting old wedding photographs and stories from the world over under their new project ‘old new borrowed blue’.

choose your pictures and add your contributions on their page

chandelier balloons- street party chic

21 Apr

if you have not fled london yet, you should be making plans to succomb to the hysteria surrounding “the wedding” in style.

so breathe in, pour yourself a g&t, get your sunday best on, and head to your nearest street party armed with lashings of faux royal enthusiasm, a picnic case full of cupcakes and these chandelier-printed balloons in blue, white and red from bouf.

then keep calm and party on.

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