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making letters- dalton ghetti

27 Sep

london’s welcomed us back with a huge array of exciting offerings, including a chance to check out american-based dalton ghetti’s beautiful miniature alphabet sculptures.

carved into the tips of almost-finished pencils, each letter is a testimony to the labouring patience of the craftsman- injecting new life into almost discarded objects.

the piece is on show at the v&a as part of its fantastic ‘the power of making’ exhibition- a must for crafters, innovators and general wow-hunters.







folk logic – kyle zeto

16 Jul

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more fun from freshfacedandwildeyed2011 with these ‘wilderness’ snaps from artist kyle zeto.

passing – ida arentoft

15 Jul

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wanted to wish you a happy friday with a few of these beautiful  landscape snaps from ida arentoft on show at the photographer’s gallery online graduate competition freshfacedandwildeyed2011.

norwegian wood

8 Jul

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a little bird told me that deep in the norwegian forest near the fjords in the west coast hides a true gem: the juvet landscape hotel.

the eye is drawn away from the ten minimalist, sparsely decorated huts and to the dramatic glass walls opening onto beautiful wooded scenery complete with a meandering river.

the installations include a spa, and common and dining areas in an old, tastefully restored farm house, and the all-encompassing company of nature in this secluded, privileged spot.

– escape to the forest

into the abyss

18 May

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im enjoying playing imaginary defenestration out of this lookout in norway’s beautiful fjord land, a la amelie nothomb in ‘stupeur et tremblements’.

designed by todd saunders and tommie wilhelmsen, the bridge is a breathtaking architectural statement arching over a breathtaking natural scene- awesome on awesome, as it were.

go on, give it a try and let your mind slide off its beautiful slender wooden frame and into the abyss

waltzer- susan collis

9 May

the scrutinising gaze of the cleaner should be applied to comb over susan collis’ inoccuous-looking work, which in fact hides gems and precious stones within mundane, everyday objets such as this broom.

looking closely at the detail of what seem like paint splatters, the insightful observer might recognise mother of pearl inlaids, opals, turquoises, black diamonds as well as pearls amid the bristles.

i like how the work plays with idea of what is valuable and almost invites us to celebrate the hidden heroism of the commonplace. all hail.i came across collis’ work at the wellcome collection’s exhibition dirt: the filthy reality of everyday life, an insightful thematic look at the politics of how society organises itself around ideas of dirt and cleanliness and how medicine came to grips with unwanted organisms.

happy monday

for bibliophiles

28 Apr

oh to be breaking fast on this table under this tree.

via the style files

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