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stapled together

29 Jul

get your stuff together with italian designer paola navone’s amazing trompe-l’oeil staple crockery available here.

bon weekend


nevereverending – peter coffin

25 Jul

what better than a monday to remind us of the inexorable, often absurd circularity of time.

american artist peter coffin’s spiral staircase lets your brain climb around it in an escherian loop that evokes the drudgery of the hamster wheel.

happy new week-

passing – ida arentoft

15 Jul

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wanted to wish you a happy friday with a few of these beautiful  landscape snaps from ida arentoft on show at the photographer’s gallery online graduate competition freshfacedandwildeyed2011.

under the bright lights

13 Jul

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hearting this ‘disc jockey’ lamp by swedish design studio form us with love.

the installation is  made up of 24-carat-gold individual work lamps centralised into a dimmer table where you can control the lights.


man and building – thomas struth & candida hofer

13 Jul


eager to get a good look at german photographer’s thomas struth work at the whitechapel gallery, which hints as the relations between man and its environment.

magnificent settings are shown populated by almost insignificantly small humans, enhancing our sense of scale and man’s struggle to comprehend and tame its surroundings.

his work is evocative of german peer candida hofer {above & below}, which poetically captures ideas of architecture and absence.


norwegian wood

8 Jul

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a little bird told me that deep in the norwegian forest near the fjords in the west coast hides a true gem: the juvet landscape hotel.

the eye is drawn away from the ten minimalist, sparsely decorated huts and to the dramatic glass walls opening onto beautiful wooded scenery complete with a meandering river.

the installations include a spa, and common and dining areas in an old, tastefully restored farm house, and the all-encompassing company of nature in this secluded, privileged spot.

– escape to the forest

writing out absence

27 Jun

words typed in correcting fluid fill the absences in photographer christophe dillinger’s prints: so piercing and evocative, my heart always swells a little.

if you’re in london this weekend, walk down to the parallax art fair in mayfair to see some of his work.

spotted via the jealous curator

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