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blingbling – green light

31 May

indulge your inner magpie with this giganormous emerald-green ‘nirvana’ swarovski ring.

yes, swarovski- you can sometimes really ace it.


waltzer- susan collis

9 May

the scrutinising gaze of the cleaner should be applied to comb over susan collis’ inoccuous-looking work, which in fact hides gems and precious stones within mundane, everyday objets such as this broom.

looking closely at the detail of what seem like paint splatters, the insightful observer might recognise mother of pearl inlaids, opals, turquoises, black diamonds as well as pearls amid the bristles.

i like how the work plays with idea of what is valuable and almost invites us to celebrate the hidden heroism of the commonplace. all hail.i came across collis’ work at the wellcome collection’s exhibition dirt: the filthy reality of everyday life, an insightful thematic look at the politics of how society organises itself around ideas of dirt and cleanliness and how medicine came to grips with unwanted organisms.

happy monday

put some bling on it

4 Mar

beyonce’s classic cri-de-guerre, remastered for your wall courtesy of dutch artist ron van der ende.


he likes to keep it real though. check out his momma steak and mixed-tape collection below


for those of you in brussels, rotterdam, nyc- he is showing in a gallery near you soon. please report back to the mothership.

spotted via the jealous curator



love conquers all

30 Jan

hearting this delightful bone china vase from the new english. with valentine’s around the corner, people go into overdrive for all things systole and diastole. get yours racing now: this is one of a blingy limited edition of 100 with platinum or gold detailing available from the chaps at lifestylebazaar.

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