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animal kingdom – ben newman

30 Aug


enjoying the colourful lively designs of illustrator ben newman: from birds to animal masks and robots, he applies his geometric riot of colours to whole swathes of the earth- and beyond. catch his bird print at the upcoming ‘ghosts of gone birds‘ planned for november in liverpool.



la selva- carnovsky

16 Aug

dreaming of getting lost in these amazing wallpapers and prints by italy-based design duo carnovsky.

the intricate patterns reveal further depths depending on the colour prism under which you scrutinise- a bit of rgb detective work, and the perfect backdrop for a g&t and a chat.

a good excuse to go night-life hunting in shoreditch, if you ever needed one.

on show until september 21st at jaguarshoes.

sitting in the clouds

21 Jun

your dreams of sitting in the clouds have finally been fulfilled by japanese studio h220430’s playful balloon bench.

the balloons anchored to either side of the plank conceal anchors that tie the bench very firmly to the roof. away you go.

spotted via dezeen

titanic lamp- charles trevelyan

18 Apr

i want this titanic lamp from charles trevelyan’s studio viable london. i covet it.

i like the sinking aspect, the oblique light it implies, and the simplicity of the design- the classic with a historical twist.

spotted initially at geekologie– a pretty sweet wee website.

stumping up for a table

3 Apr

bring the forest into your home with this sweet DIY project from the art of doing stuff that converts a tree stump into a rustically chic sturdy side table.

these beauties are apparently often used as stools across the mighty australian outdoors, but to my untrained european eye they are beautiful novelties.

you can learn all about the project and leave raving reviews herehappy sunday

around the world

4 Mar

i would dig accompanying phileas fogg in his quest to circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

but in the meanwhile, i could do with this print of a travelling hot-air balloon on a map, available on etsy. yes sir.

bon weekend

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