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animal kingdom – ben newman

30 Aug


enjoying the colourful lively designs of illustrator ben newman: from birds to animal masks and robots, he applies his geometric riot of colours to whole swathes of the earth- and beyond. catch his bird print at the upcoming ‘ghosts of gone birds‘ planned for november in liverpool.



passing – ida arentoft

15 Jul

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wanted to wish you a happy friday with a few of these beautiful  landscape snaps from ida arentoft on show at the photographer’s gallery online graduate competition freshfacedandwildeyed2011.

beautiful, dreamy ireland

9 Jul

lovely times at the beach in donegal after o&a’s wedding captured by ls lens. i want back

norwegian wood

8 Jul

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a little bird told me that deep in the norwegian forest near the fjords in the west coast hides a true gem: the juvet landscape hotel.

the eye is drawn away from the ten minimalist, sparsely decorated huts and to the dramatic glass walls opening onto beautiful wooded scenery complete with a meandering river.

the installations include a spa, and common and dining areas in an old, tastefully restored farm house, and the all-encompassing company of nature in this secluded, privileged spot.

– escape to the forest

irish summer colours – gerhard richter

4 Jul

just back from o&a’s lovely wedding in ireland: after poems, guinness and sea food, the fun also included a freezing group dip in the ocean.

the feeling of communion during the swim is neatly captured by this painting by german artist gerhard richter -the highlights of bathing costumes and pink limbs against the the steely ocean in a jolt of colours. vive l’amour!

i also love his photo paintings of pregnant clouds- enjoy the fresh air.


secret london gardens

7 Jun

this is the weekend to get lost in the myriad beautiful secret gardens of london with open squares. a 7.5 pounds ticket buys you access into dalston’s eastern curve, chelsea’s physics garden, the geffrye museum, or more surprisingly, a peek into the courtyard of her majesty’s wormwood scrubs prison.

a good excuse to get out and play

i want to ride my bycicle

4 Jun

this beautiful hollander baby is coming my way. i am dying to take it for a spin.

long live summer

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