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blingbling – green light

31 May

indulge your inner magpie with this giganormous emerald-green ‘nirvana’ swarovski ring.

yes, swarovski- you can sometimes really ace it.


chandelier balloons- street party chic

21 Apr

if you have not fled london yet, you should be making plans to succomb to the hysteria surrounding “the wedding” in style.

so breathe in, pour yourself a g&t, get your sunday best on, and head to your nearest street party armed with lashings of faux royal enthusiasm, a picnic case full of cupcakes and these chandelier-printed balloons in blue, white and red from bouf.

then keep calm and party on.

flower pumps

14 Apr

they are back- and yes, i too heart all these new nike-liberty collaboration pumps.

how can one not swoon over the love child of liberty’s awesome historical print archive and the iconic trainer meisters?

available to drool over/buy here

spring steps in

11 Apr

just spotted these on a shop window and was immediately smitten by their cuteness.

let me introduce these sweet hudson pumps in liberty-style gorgeous floral prints- first up the dolly blue and the below dolly in pink.

spring in shoe form- bring it on

little glass boxes

6 Apr

hearting the curved shapes and simplicity of finnish designer anu penttinen’s bijou-sized jewel-coloured glass boxes: you can go all out in this season’s monotone or play permutations on the colours or the oak and aluminium bases.

daintily small, there was never such a pretty excuse for magpies to house all your keepsakes, jewellery or general special tchochka.

wouldn’t it be dandy if they came in bigger sizes?

join the london tweed run, chaps

6 Apr

hear hear ladies and gentlemen, the third annual london tweed run will take place this saturday april 9, when a congregation of stylish dandies, adventurous ladies and generally good-natured fellows will saunter through the streets of dear old blighty on their improbably beautiful bikes.

expect pashleys and tweed, moustaches and drop handlebars, fixies and braces, berets and pipes- an assorted amalgamation of thrill-seekers and beauty appreciators on wheels.

the cycle promenade will meander through london, taking in trafalgar square at around 1 pm, followed by regent street and the british museum, and flowing into old street at around four.

clothes-peddlers extraordinaires aubin & wills will provide light refreshments for tea, hopefully including treats in these prettily striped bags.

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