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to fly, to serve

11 Oct

i grew up by the time airline travel was inexorably way past its glamourous climax: bye bye groomed attendants, free drinks, sexy uniforms… hello strip-down security checks, exhaustive bag-weighing, extortionately expensive limp chicken sandwiches…

flying was never a more democratic and yet more alienating experience: even brandy has been stripped down of all historical privileges to be peddled in plastic sachets.

and so it is in these sappy fits of nostalgia for the mad men-inspired, foxier times of yore that british airways have resuscitated their old motto: to fly, to serve.

to which i, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, will gladly raise my glass.

i leave you with this luridly colourful william eggleston (‘glass on plaine’ untitled) print.




wallflowers- emma hack

6 Sep

australian artist emma hack cleverly blends models into the background with her mimetic body paint. i wish i had that magical power.

nevereverending – peter coffin

25 Jul

what better than a monday to remind us of the inexorable, often absurd circularity of time.

american artist peter coffin’s spiral staircase lets your brain climb around it in an escherian loop that evokes the drudgery of the hamster wheel.

happy new week-

social networking – colin mortimer

23 Jul

london-based artist colin mortimer offers commentary on the actual barriers that our highly virtual social communication networks trap us in these days.

the piece is on show at london’s phillips de pury gallery until the end of august.

this is what it seems- barbara bloom

28 Jun

new york-based artist barbara bloom plays with the notion of hiding, illusion and reality in this installation called ‘safe’.

happy tuesday- this is making my morning so far…

sitting in the clouds

21 Jun

your dreams of sitting in the clouds have finally been fulfilled by japanese studio h220430’s playful balloon bench.

the balloons anchored to either side of the plank conceal anchors that tie the bench very firmly to the roof. away you go.

spotted via dezeen

crystal cathedrals

17 Jun

inspired in gardener and architect joseph paxton’s magical crystal palace in london, the spaniards bought into the dream of glass cathedrals with their own creation 36 years later, coming up with these beautiful structure in el retiro park.

photographer fernando manso captures the quiet fairytale ethereal outlines of the palace reflected on the lake in a wintery foggy day.



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