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to fly, to serve

11 Oct

i grew up by the time airline travel was inexorably way past its glamourous climax: bye bye groomed attendants, free drinks, sexy uniforms… hello strip-down security checks, exhaustive bag-weighing, extortionately expensive limp chicken sandwiches…

flying was never a more democratic and yet more alienating experience: even brandy has been stripped down of all historical privileges to be peddled in plastic sachets.

and so it is in these sappy fits of nostalgia for the mad men-inspired, foxier times of yore that british airways have resuscitated their old motto: to fly, to serve.

to which i, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, will gladly raise my glass.

i leave you with this luridly colourful william eggleston (‘glass on plaine’ untitled) print.




travelling without moving

9 Feb

hoarders go to great lengths to bring mementoes from travels back into their [tiny] abodes: vino, photos, ticket stumps, even ephemeral tans.

katie thompson reworks old suitcases into sweet little chairs so you can sit down and play globetrotting from the comfort of your own home.

voyage voyage.

tickets, please

8 Feb

spring is creeping in closer, fellows: the day stretched its slender fingers into the night, scratching an inkling of milky light by 7 am. rejoice!

so it’s a’s birthday in brussels on saturday, and i am already thinking the week shorter by conjuring a dream sequence about the weekend trip. this mini-suitcase is the ideal starting point. et oui, from the geniuses at liberty.

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